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How to Promote Anything in Free of Cost? What is Mutual Promotion? How to Use Social Media for Free?


How to Promote Anything in Free of Cost? What is Mutual Promotion? How to Use Social Media for Free Promotion?

Hi Everyone. Whenever we started doing something, we required to promote it. It might be new business or new product or new service or new website or app or anything else. All required to be sent infront of potential customer. Then only people starts knowing you and your business.

Its can be done in various way like Facebook Add, Google Add, Paid SEO or Other Paid Service. Its very difficult to pay after paying money for domain and website building. So the other way to advertise your business is to take a free way. But the question is How?

The best way to do it by mutual promotion process. Let me explain you. We all have facebook and Whatsapp. Everyday we share lot of things there. Unknowingly we promote others by sharing their stuff. But when times comes no one ready to share our stuff. In this situation we use this method.

There will be more others like you who struggling to promote their stuff. If you starts identifing them and approach them they will be definitely help you because it will also help them. After that you just need to share their item in social platforms. It will neither time taking nor spent any money. Slowly you will feel the changes.

How Naukri Ka Adda help you for Mutual Promotion?

If you are ready for mutual promotion then we are ready to help you. We are already have lots of Group for Website and YouTube.

We are also moderator of groups which consists of more than 1 lakh members. Its a big chance to promote your staff infront of large number of people.

Steps to Follow:

1. Visit our website or Click below

2. Join our Facebook Profile or Facebook Group. Link given below

3. Send you post via Facebook messanger.

4. Your post will be checked by our team. Content should be genuine. No political or religious or fake post will be promoted.

5. Its completely free of Cost.

6. In Back you also need to share our post.

This is absolutely simple, safe and free advertising method. If we hold each others hand will definitely achieve our goals. You can think over it. If you have any better idea can then share with us. We are ready to here you.

We will be awaiting for you. Naukri Ka Adda wishes you a very all the best.

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